Our History


KZELL is a French wholesale company in women’s ready-to-wear fashion, founded and created by Mr. Christian Zhu. Since its establishment in 1998, the KZELL brand has persistently grown and expanded to the two main fashion centes in Paris. In 2021, KZELL developed its own retail website to sell products directly to consumers.

KZELL offers a selection of colours and textures that will suit any taste. Our pieces are the winter essentials, reaching the must-haves for the autumn/winter season. It’s time you upgrade your wardrobe by

One of KZELL’s greatest advantages is that it has its own factory in China with a robust team that actively stays on trend with the latest fashion. There is a dedicated team in Paris that handles the designs of the clothing, ensuring a keen sense of style, while another team in China sources the materials and garments to bring those designs to life.

KZELL is also eco-friendly with its use of recycled materials and packaging, which is necessary in the fast-pace world of fashion. The business wants to contribute in protecting the planet and wildlife with their commitment to using only highly realistic faux furs.

We aim to lead the market for sleeve pieces with groundbreaking innovations, which is why our premium brand CHRIS WANG was created in 2018, meeting the demands of higher-end clientele.